Chelsea’s recent games have shown that they struggle to create chances to score enough goals. This is because they lack the risk-taking ability near the opposition’s box and lack the creativity from midfield. The recent matches against Man City, Juventus, and Aston Villa showed us that Chelsea lacked someone who could become the connection between the midfield and the attack. As witnessed against Southampton that Chelsea deployed a 3-5-2 formation in the 2nd half that worked flawlessly.

Julian Nagelsmann’s Bayern have been ruthless this season, scoring a mammoth 46 goals in just 10 games despite playing the likes of Dortmund, Leipzig and Barcelona in that time. After a failed preseason Nagelsmann quickly realized that he had to work with a 4-2-3-1 system here in Bavaria unlike what he has done in his previous clubs. Although while in possession they build from the back with patience, with a changed system of 3-1-4-2 that gives players several passing options to break out of the press.

There have been lots of articles, videos and whatnot talking about the poor shape of FC Barcelona. The future of Ronald Koeman has come into question several times over his not so long tenure and in recent times even Laporta’s ability has also come under fire. But talking about the problems is not going to solve them especially in FC Barcelona’s case. So this article is a realistic roadmap of how FC Barcelona can expect to win trophies in the short and medium term.

Ansu Fati’s return metaphorically marked the first instance of the sun shining over the Camp Nou in what seemed like forever. The fervor and anxiousness surrounding his return could be felt in the crowd as they welcomed their savior. It hadn’t taken 10 minutes and it was impossible not to be carried along by it all. “You dream but I didn’t really imagine it like this,” Fati admitted.